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The City of Sammamish is committed to providing funding support to local non-profit organizations to help ensure that Sammamish residents can access assistance they may need to survive and thrive. This may include help with food, shelter, utility bills, medical or dental care, legal issues, counseling, employment, affordable child care or other services not listed here.

Every two years, the City solicits applications for Human Services Funding. The grants are awarded based on the service provided and the number of Sammamish residents served, as well as the organizations ability to provide positive outcomes and cooperation with other providers. The application process for 2017-2018 is completed and all funds have been allocated. 

The City of Sammamish is member of the Human Services Funders Collaborative (HSFC) along with eighteen other King County cities. If you are a provider that wishes to participate in the 2019-2020 application process, please visit HSFC for additional information. 

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