Needs Assessment Project


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City of Sammamish Health and Human Services Needs Assessment


This Health and Human Services Needs Assessment was the first community-wide planning effort in regards to health and human services completed by the City of Sammamish. The Needs Assessment helps to identify the human service needs of the community, related resources available to residents and the resulting gaps existing in Sammamish. Preliminary ideas for City action are included in the Needs Assessment, which will help to form a road map for the City to manage the results of the Needs Assessment for the next three to five years.


In early 2015, the City Council and staff began discussing the possibility of completing a Human Services Needs Assessment. Funding for the work was allocated in the 2017-18 budget, and subsequently, BERK Consulting was selected to lead the project. Since the project launched in early 2017, the seven-member Human Services Task Force has been working closely with BERK, ensuring a wide range of viewpoints within the community were sought.

The "Need" for a Needs Assessment 

It is a pivotal time in the Sammamish community, especially due to recent growth related to the Klahanie annexation, Town Center development and the increase in single-family residential development. The community needs are changing, as are the regional needs, and the City needs to understand those changes to better serve our residents.

The information and data gathered from this assessment will help inform further development and refinement of the Human Services Grant Program. For example, determining Council-driven criteria for awarding grants.

The data will also help frame staff priorities, particularly for the Community Services Coordinator position and other external service departments, such as Police, Fire, Community Development, Public Works and Parks and Recreation.

Equally important, the data and information compiled will be available for use by the City's community partners, the School Districts and other stakeholders. And finally, there is a clear demand/need for coordination of human service resources across jurisdictional boundaries. The findings from the Needs Assessment will most certainly help guide future City Council discussions related to our role in supporting and addressing local and regional human service needs.


March 21, 2017 City Council Agenda Bill

June 6, 2017 BERK Presentation to City Council

June 13 - July 14, 2017 Virtual Town Hall

July 10, 2017 BERK Presentation to City Council

February 13, 2018 Task Force Hand-Off to City Council

March 6, 2018 City Council Adoption

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