SE 4th Street Sculpture

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We have a name for the sculpture on SE 4th Street:  “Synergy Rising”. 

Wikipedia:  Synergy is an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. 

After receiving 33 great ideas from the citizens of Sammamish, the Sammamish Arts Commission narrowed it down to 9 names. Today the original subcommittee of four, including the artist, Lin Garretson, voted unanimously for the name of “Synergy Rising”.  This was mainly because the artist started her paper on symbolism of the sculpture with a quote from Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  


The Sammamish Arts Commission and Artist/Designer Lin Garretson invited the public to submit name ideas for the new SE 4th Street Sculpture located at the SE 4th Street and 225th Pl SE roundabout. Final selection on the offered names was made by the Commission and Artist. Below is background information on the sculpture and its representation.

The 12-foot Sculpture:

Inspired by the wisdom and rhythms of Nature, the sculpture is constructed with natural stone slabs and steel elements. Like many of us residing in Sammamish, the stone is not indigenous to this area, but originated from different points around the world. Each stone has its own unique composition and character, history and heritage. Having now been shaped, textured and bonded together with others, combined with the strength of steel, it is at home in a new place with a new purpose and meaning.


Together the stone and steel create symbolic, stylized representations of nature, which visually express some of the basic tenets of our city. The three faces of the sculpture represent three of these tenants.

UNITY ~ Enriched by our differences, we are better together. The different pieces of stone combine to form patterns and images reminding us that the elements of Nature work in unity. The natural beauty of our physical surroundings…the mountains, the clouds, the lakes and streams, even our abundant rainfall, represented by steel rods, remind us that each has an integral part. Two eagles in flight cross the face of the sculpture reminding us that although our individual strengths are significant…together we are even better!

TENACITY ~ Unwavering stewardship of our environment and natural habitats. The steel salmon moving against the strong waves symbolize the wisdom of diligently moving ahead in a positive direction. They symbolize our staying power as a community and remind us of our important role as stewards of the natural beauty of our waters, green spaces and wildlife.

COMMITMENT~ Growing together as a uniquely caring and inclusive community The tree-like image reminds us that in each passing season we strengthen and renew our resolve to put down our roots and to keep growing in ways that will sustain and enrich our community for years to come. The falling leaves symbolize the generous hearts and innumerable volunteer hours of caring community members who quietly nurture and enrich the human landscape of our city every day.


Lin resides in Sammamish with her husband, David. She is the owner of Spaces by Lin Garretson Inc., an award-winning interior & exterior design firm. Lin studied Art at Indiana University and served as a Sammamish Arts Commissioner from 2012-2017. Lin gifted her time and service to the City of Sammamish in the creation and installation of this sculpture.

The Team:

  • Margaret Rosenow – Arts Commissioner
  • Ronnie Simone & Gino Simone of Western Tile & Marble ~ General contractors & stone fabricators with their installers; Chris Lindsey, Cordell Fischer, Kye Edison & Kyle McCoy
  • Attila Kilic of Meta Marble
  • Frank Lescher of Frank Lescher Masonry.
  • Josh Gorham of Skilfab
  • Rick Oswald and Cecily Westall of Cutting Edge
  • Randy Eaglestone, Engineer, Conducive CAD

The Sponsors:

  • The Sammamish Arts Commission
  • The City of Sammamish
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