Building Plan Review


Our building plans examiners have a combined plan review experience of 30 years; with an additional 55 years in building inspection, administration in the construction industry. They continue to grow professionally by attending seminars, conferences, completing college courses, and gaining additional certifications.

Consultation and plan review are our key tasks in working with the community. We welcome calls or e-mail requesting clarification or guidance on construction related issues.


We are always happy to meet with homeowners and designers for brief reviews of projects and specific construction issues. We will make every attempt to meet with those who walk-in to City Hall. However, due to various circumstances, there are times when we may not be available to come to the counter. Due to this we suggest that you call the Permit Center to arrange an appointment, so that we may accommodate your needs efficiently. This will insure that you do not have to wait for the assistance you request.


Pre-application Conferences

Pre-Application conferences are typically necessary for new construction and additions in sensitive areas: shorelines, steep slopes, wetlands etc., and may be necessary for complex remodels. When the structure is not yet designed, we will provide a list of typical items to include in the submittal documents. If design/structural plans are provided, we will do a preliminary review and provide a list, if necessary, of any missing items. These meeting are to assist the homeowner and designer in successfully submitting permit application documents at the initial submittal appointment. Pre-Application meetings are scheduled by Darci Donovan, Customer Service / Permit Center Manager (425-295-0500).


Submittal Appointments

The submittal appointment may be our first exposure to your project.
This gives us an opportunity to clarify any items and to do a preliminary review of your project. It also gives you, the applicant, opportunities to ask questions and to understand our process of plan review.

There are numerous, small projects, that are able to be reviewed over-the-counter. Learn about our Over-the-Counter Permit process.

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