SE 8th St & 218th Ave Corridor

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Project Update

June 2019

The project is currently in the definition and planning phase.  The City is in the process of selecting an engineering firm to perform the analysis.

Current Project Scope

Analyze capacity and safety improvements needed along the corridor to accommodate increased traffic volumes and pedestrian use. This preliminary engineering phase will develop a conceptual roadway "footprint" that will be used to better define the future design plan and project funding needs.

Project Background

The southern portion of the corridor, SE 8th St and 218th Ave SE, historically known as L.L. Barum Road and E.A. Pearson Road from 212th Ave SE to 218th Ave SE and 218th Ave SE from SE 8th St to SE 4th St, was originally established in the 1920's as a two lane road with narrow shoulders and open ditches for drainage. While much of the surrounding area has changed, the roadway itself has seen little improvement. The northern portion of the corridor, north of Main St was built in the 1970's with residential developments.  It has two lanes of pavement with gravel shoulders, serving a dual purpose as "sidewalks", and open ditches for drainage. The north and south half remained disconnected from each other until about 2010 when they were joined with a "Half-Street" roadway built by the Pine Meadows development.

With neighborhoods and community parks developing along the corridor the roadway is being used more frequently by pedestrians and bicyclists but only has room for cars often creating hazardous conditions.  Minor improvements to separate vehicles and pedestrians are being made as newer adjacent residential developments are constructed, however these are piece-meal sections and when done without a corridor plan lead to other problems with traffic and environment.

In addition to residential neighborhood construction, the developing Town Center Plan is expected to increase all types of traffic on this corridor. The Town Center Sub Area Plan completed in 2007, listed the southern portion of this corridor as needing improvements for turn lanes, and pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements. With SE 4th St being improved for mobility and access to the west half of the Town Center, and with the more recent connection at Pine Meadows, City Council gave direction to staff to analyze and develop an improvement plan for the complete corridor.

Project goals

Key components of the preliminary engineering phase consist of reviewing historic information, performing preliminary engineering studies for traffic and environment, and collaborating with the public to develop a corridor plan that best balances Sammamish's community goals which are detailed in the Comprehensive Plan. (See below for a detailed list of comprehensive plan goals pertaining to this project.)


April 2019 - Begin Project Definition and Consultant Selection
July 2019 - Begin Corridor Study


$500,000 Transportation Capital Improvement Fund (340-166-595-30-63-00 & 340-152-595-30-63-00)

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