Notch Property Park Concept Design

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Project Overview

The Notch property is a 1.37-acre site located within the City’s core, between Lower Sammamish Commons and the Town Center's Core Mixed-Use (CMU) area.  Though the Notch property sits just south of the CMU, the site is identified as part of the Green Spine in the Town Center Plan and Town Center Infrastructure Plan.  Because the Town Center Infrastructure Plan guides development within the CMU, including this site, the Notch property will start with Concept Design instead of the typical master plan process.  Concept Design will build upon the work already done in the Town Center Infrastructure Plan, and move forward by engaging with the public and stakeholders, Parks & Recreation Commission, City Council, and City staff, to develop a plan for a civic space that is both a destination and a link between the Town Center and Sammamish Commons.


  • Project Kickoff: Fall 2022
  • Site Investigation & Analysis: Winter 2022 – 2023
  • Park Program: Spring 2022 – 2023
  • Concept Design: Summer / Fall 2023
  • Anticipated Council adoption: Winter 2023


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