Scooter Competition

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Join us for our Annual Scooter Competition presented by Pro Scooter Shop in partnership with the City of Sammamish!  Competition encompass all abilities: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Open.  Helmets and waiver form are required to compete.  Enjoy the Farmers Market, get a bite to eat and watch some great scooter action!



 Event schedule

Note that the times and durations will be dependent upon the number of participants.  The event will start at 3:30pm sharp for beginners.

  • Beginner warm ups:  3pm
  • Beginner Competition:  3:30pm
  • Intermediate warm ups:  4:15pm
  • Intermediate runs:  4:30pm
  • Beginner awards:  5:00pm
  • Advanced warm ups:  5:15pm
  • Advanced runs:  5:30pm
  • Open warm ups:  6pm
  • Open runs:  6:20pm
  • Intermediate/Advanced/Open awards:  7:00pm
  • Best tricks and open scooter:  7:20 -  8pm
  • Music, prizes and lots of scooter experience!  Four divisions; beginner, intermediate, advanced and open. 



Entry Fee

Entry Fee:  $25 (plus tax).  Includes:

  • Competition fee (two runs in one division)
  • Competition tshirt
  • One (1) raffle ticket for available prizes




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