Looking Out for Our Community's Future

It’s not just our youth that are affected by illegal drugs, bullying, violence, stress, anxiety, etc. These are issues that touch each of us – seniors, adults, youth those who live here, and those who work here.

That’s why the City of Sammamish formed its Human Services Commission three years ago; we recognized that as our community – any community, really – grows, problems become more complex, and we need to invest in our social infrastructure, as well.

And when any of these problems come to the forefront, as they have this week, we want to take action right away. But it’s not that easy. It’s not just about adding enough police officers to eradicate drugs in our schools. If that was all it took, every city in America would somehow find the money to do just that.

It’s also about trying to understand what’s driving people to use and abuse drugs, and figuring out what we can do about it that will be effective in helping to stop the devastation of addictions and illegal drug activity affecting our community.

We are currently working with our local partners, including the Sammamish Police Department, the school districts, and non-profit providers, to put together a Sammamish Community Forum. This event will include discussions about what programs are currently available and also some of the simpler steps we can each take, as individuals, to help care for our entire community.

As you can probably imagine, the demands on social service providers are at a premium in today’s environment, so coordinating all the right participants can take a while. We also want to respect the needs of those most directly affected by recent tragedies who need some time to grieve. That being said, the Sammamish Community Forum will take place in the next few weeks and we will provide all the details as soon as they are ironed out.

Participation will be key for this very important discussion, so we hope that you will join us and many others in looking out for our community’s future.