Applications & Forms for Building and Land Use

This webpage contains all Building and Land Use applications, forms, checklists, and guides. If you need a document that is not linked, please email  


Applications: These contain submittal instructions and brief descriptions of the permit type or land use action, a list of required documents, and a list of fees. 

Environmental Review: These documents are related to floodplain requirements, environmental review required pursuant to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and critical areas. 

Forms, Checklists, & Affidavits: These are additional documents that may be applicable as part of a building or land use application. Please note that not all required submittal documents have templates. 

Guides, Worksheets, & Templates: These guides provide a more in-depth explanation of the process of applying for the City's most common development proposals. The template documents are for some of the submittal documents required as part of land use action applications. Please note that not all required submittal documents have templates. 




Banner Permit Application

Building Permit Application

Clearing and Grading Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application 

Electrical Permit Application

Reroof Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Site Development Permit Application

Structure Relocation Permit Application

Eastside Fire & Rescue (ESFR)

Fire Services Permit Application

Planning Projects

Appeal of a Land Use Decision

Binding Site Plan

Boundary Line Adjustment

Commercial Site Development Permit

Comprehensive Plan/Development Regulation Text Amendment

Conditional Use Permit

Docket Request

Final Plat/Short Plat (Subdivision)

Plat/Short Plat (Subdivision) Alteration

Pre-Final Plat Review

Pre-Final Short Plat (Subdivision) Review

Reasonable Use Exception

Neighborhood Analysis (Reasonable Use Exception) 

Short Subdivision - Preliminary Approval

Site-Specific Land Use Map Amendment

Special Use Permit

Subdivision - Preliminary Approval

Temporary Use Permit

Tree Removal Permit Application (basic tree info)

Unified Zone Development Plan

Wireless Exemption Letter

Wireless - Expedited Permit Application

Wireless - Standard Permit Application

Wireless Facility Design Standards

Wireless Facility Design Standards Worksheet 

Zone Reclassification

Zoning Variance

Public Works

Public Agency and Utility Exception

Request for Deviation from Public Works Standards

Surface Water Design Manual Requirements/Standards Adjustment Request

Traffic Concurrency Review Application

Transportation Trip Calculation Worksheet (Change of use or expansion)


Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA)

Shoreline Conditional Use Permit

Shoreline Exemption Letter

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit

Shoreline Variance




Floodplain Assessment Exception

Floodplain Assessment For Complex Projects

Floodplain Assessment Exception - Overwater

Floodplain Assessment Exception - Shoreland

Floodplain Assessment Exception - Shoreline

Floodplain Assessment Exception Worksheet


SEPA Checklist, Projects (Fillable PDF)

SEPA Checklist, Non-Projects (Fillable PDF)

SEPA Review Application


Signage: Critical Area Marker



Information Requests

Pre-Application Request Form

Pre-Development Consultation Request Form

Project Guidance

Refund Request

Site-Specific Land Use Map Amendment Pre-Application Request Form

UZDP Pre-Application Request Form


Affidavit of Applicant Status & Acceptance of Financial Responsibility

Applicant Declaration for Assessment and Collection of Impact Fees

Deferred Submittal Checklist

Electrical Permit: Property Owner/Renter/Lessee Affidavit

Electrical Plan Review Checklist

FINANCIAL GUARANTEES (includes bond quantity worksheets)

Fixture Count, Non-Residential

Fixture Count, Residential

Historic Resources Affidavit

Impact Fee Deferral Affidavit

Injection Well Checklist

On-Site Sewer System Concurrent Review

Owner-As-Builder Affidavit

Permit Extension Request

Pool/Spa Permit Checklist

Release of Lien for Development Impact Fees Form

Residential Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Permit Checklist

Site Development Permit Plan Set Requirements

Submittal Checklist - Decks

Submittal Checklist - New Single-Family Residence

Submittal Checklist - Residential Addition

Submittal Checklist - Residential Remodel

Submittal Checklist - Tenant Improvements

Sustainable Site Design for Pre-Apps

Sustainable Site Design for Pre-Development Services

Sustainable Site Design for Single-Family Residences

Tenant Improvement Submittal Checklist

Wet Season Work Request

Land Use

Critical Areas Affidavit

Developer Contribution Summary

Impact Fee Reduction for Affordable Housing

Transfer of Development Rights Sending Site Certification

Public Works

Inspection Certificate

Stormwater Facility Information

Traffic Concurrency Test Deferral Affidavit (for site-specific Land Use Map Amendments)





Building Height Survey: Shoreline

Building Height Survey: Upland

Commercial Mechanical Permit Checklist

Commercial Building Code Occupancy Worksheet

Commercial Tenant Improvement Guidelines

IBC Fabricator Approval

IBC Structural Quality Assurance Plan

Permit Preparation Procedures

Permitting Process

Registered Plan Program

Residential Energy & Ventilation Compliance (WSEC) - 2018

Residential Energy & Ventilation Compliance (WSEC) - 2015

Residential Mechanical Equipment Setback Agreement

Residential Septic System Guideline

Residential Shower Subpan Guideline

Residential Single-Family Plan Set Coversheet - 2018

Residential Single-Family Plan Set Coversheet - 2015

Residential Site Plan Example

Land Use/Planning

Community Outreach: Mailing List Radius Map Example

Community Outreach: Mailing List Template

Community Outreach: Neighborhood Meeting Guide

Community Outreach: Neighborhood Meeting Applicant Instructions & Notice Template

Final Plat/Short Plat Worksheet

Residential Home Business Guide

Subdivision: Can I Subdivide?

Subdivision: Density Worksheet

Subdivision: Preliminary Short Plat Guide

Subdivision: Process and Fees

Town Center: Applicant's Guide to Unified Zone Development Plans (UZDP) - Coming Soon

Town Center: Density Worksheet, Zone A

Town Center: Density Worksheet, Zone B

Town Center: Density Worksheet, Zone C

Town Center: UZDP Compliance Form - Coming Soon 


Non-Commercial Temporary Sign Guide

Temporary Real Estate Sign Guide